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Our Vision

We believe that anybody who have to translate their Turkish documents to English for a Canadian submission, should be able to afford to use certified translation services in Canada, without going though the hassle of notary public + notary-approved translator.

We also believe English to Turkish certified translation process can be streamlined for Canadians who have documents to be translated for use in Turkey.

Our Mission

Providing affordable, easy and digital Canadian certified translation services to those who need to submit their Turkish documents to Canadian authorities, no matter where they are in the world and without the need for a notary public.

Providing a streamlined, smooth certified translation service with clear instructions to those who need to submit their English documents to Turkish authorities without physically going to Turkey or using a notary-approved translator in Turkey.

Our volumes are on the rise

Haznac Translation Services Ltd, the owner of certifiedturkish brand, continues its journey, which started in Turkey in 2012 and moved to Canada in 2016, with an increasing workload.

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Portrait of the owner of YeminliCeviri.ca

Cenk Kemal Haznaci

English to Turkish & Turkish to English ATIO-certified translator in Canada, RCIC and the founder of certifiedturkish

The documents we translate the most

We translate both from Turkish to English and vice versa. Documents we translate cover a great variety of subjects and fields. Under the immigration document category, we usually work on tax certificates, reference letters, bank statements, income tax returns, diplomas, pay slips, invoices, receipts and national IDs. Official documents for those who need to document their marital status in Canada or in Turkey, graduation letters and transcripts are among the papers we often process. Plus, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa, we translate into Turkish the power of attorneys issued in Canada by a Canadian lawyer.

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Immigration documents


Marriage/Divorce documents


Degrees, diplomas and graduation letters


Power of attorneys and court documents


Medical and Insurance documents


Our History

certifiedturkish is a new brand. But it is also a strong brand because it is backed by 14 years of experience. Our journey started with our founder, Cenk Kemal Haznaci’s freelance translator career. He continued serving translation companies in Turkey as a freelance translator until 2009. In 2009, the business started to take on an international persona. By 2012, the clientele was made up of international clients only. And the high demand led to the birth of Haznac Translation and incorporation followed. 2016 brought the move to Canada and the founding of Haznac Translation Services Ltd in Ottawa, while the office in Turkey kept operating. Cenk became an ATIO-certified translator in Canada both from English to Turkish and Turkish to English, followed by the sworn interpreter title by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa. The adventure of certifiedturkish started in the first quarter of 2020!

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certifiedturkish is born

certifiedturkish was born to meet the Turkish to English and English to Turkish certified translation need in Canada with a well-defined, customer-oriented approach.


Hello Canada!

Following our founder’s immigration to Canada, Haznac Translation Services Ltd. was incorporated in Ottawa, Ontario.


Haznac Translation is founded

Incorporating the business was inevitable to meet the rising demand both domestically and internationally.


The first step into translation

Our founder, Cenk Kemal Haznaci, started his translator career as an external contractor to local translation companies in Izmir. 

Our Clients

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What They Are Saying

Professional and Customized Translation for Canadian Visas

Submitting precise and accurate translations of the required documents play an essential role in obtaining positive outcomes in all types of Canadian visa applications. certifiedturkish team does not only have the experience and knowledge in both Turkish and Canadian official and supportive documents, but they are also professional, ATIO certified translators. Thank you for contributing to my clients’ visa applications.
Ebru Albay RCIC - Client testimonial

Ebru Albay

RCIC and Founder
EA Capital Immigration

A+ Service

Our Firm was greatly impressed by the professionalism and the quality of service offered by certifiedturkish for a rush project with several requirements. We certainly do not hesitate to recommend.
Sébastien Paquette-Gélinas photo

Sébastien Paquette-Gélinas

Miller Thomson LLP

Positive and professional

It is vitally important to work with an ATIO-certified translator for all required translations. That ensures smooth processing of Canadian immigration applications. Another critical factor is the quality of service you receive. I refer my clients to and highly recommend Cenk and his team without reservations because of their timely deliveries, excellent quality translations, and positive and professional communication style.
Burcu Akyol, RCIC - client testimonial

Burcu Akyol

Northern Pathways Immigration Consulting

Really open to communication and helpful

I have been working closely with them about notarial matters and document legalizations. They are really open to communication and helpful.
Izzy Newman, client testimonial

Izzy Newman

Highly Recommended

I would definitely recommend them. Neat, reliable, and doing a good job every time. Thank you.
Translation of immigration documents from Turkish into English - client testimonial

Tufan Mustafa Tınç
    certified turkish logo

    certifiedturkish is a trademark of Haznac Translation Services Ltd. It is founded by Cenk Kemal Haznaci, an ATIO-certified translator in English to Turkish & Turkish to English, a sworn interpreter at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa, and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


    2035 Boisfranc Circle
    Ottawa, ON K4A 4Z6 Canada


    +1 (613) 510 0477


    [email protected]

    certifiedturkish markası Haznac Translation Services Ltd’ye aittir. Kurucusu Kanada’da Türkçe-İngilizce ve İngilizce-Türkçe certified translator statüsüne sahip, Ottawa’daki Türk Büyükelçiliğinin yeminli çevirmeni ve lisanslı Kanada göçmen danışmanı (RCIC) olan Cenk Kemal Haznacı’dır.


    2035 Boisfranc Circle
    Ottawa, ON K4A 4Z6 Canada


    +1 (613) 510 0477


    [email protected]

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